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We send you the raw untouched photo and can send you a 'fixed' one for No Additional Charge.

The image above is raw. We can adjust if it is too bright or dark, we can crop it to center the image and more.

Click Here to see how we can help fix this photograph for you.

Do I want an electronic image or a photo print?

In Sturgis Rally traffic, we photographers often shoot more than 4000 shots per day, often of fast-moving closely-spaced motorcycle riders. We often have less than a quarter of a second to compose, let our camera recover from the last shot, and fire. We still get a pretty high percentage of usable exposures. The rest suffer from too-quick composition, changing light conditions, camera limitations, and, sometimes, simple incompetence.

If you want a print to put in an album or hang on the wall, it's almost certain the proof in our gallery needs some adjustment. At do-it-yourself photo centers, you may be able to crop and adjust for exposure. You may even be able to add some text describing the print.

If you see a photo in our galleries that you like, chances are it's worth purchasing and saving and/or printing. If you order an electronic image, you can do just about anything you want to do with it, if you have the knowledge, the hardware and the software. You may be able to print it at home. You may want to take it to Walmart or Walgreen's and print it. You may have a friend who can print it.

On the other hand...

Sturgis.com can print your image. We will, as a matter of course:

  • Brighten or darken under- or over-exposed images.
  • Correct the composition, centering, and size of the subject (you).
  • Correct for camera tilt (this does amazing things for an awkward-looking image).
  • Place small text at the bottom of the print describing time and place of the photo.

If a photo shows lots of scenery around the subject, we will normally enlarge the subject (bike and rider) to more fully fill the print. You may not want this. You can include directions as to how you want the image cropped, because you may want the scenery.


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